Why College Essay Advantage?

After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Auburn University and spending almost 10 years in the writing and editing arena as a Marketing Manager and Director of Marketing, I began focusing on the college sector and specializing in college essay editing and proofreading. Due to more than three years of extensive research, countless conversations with college admissions counselors, and many essay edits, I am equipped to guide students through the college essay process resulting in essays that are personal, impressive, and "admissions-worthy."  

First, students need to know what counselors are looking for - that's where I come in. Next, is to give the counselors what they want - that's where students shine and I lend a helping hand.

College Essay Advantage works with students to produce highly effective essays - some that could increase their chances of getting accepted to the college of their dreams.


Christy Long
Founder and CEO
College Essay Advantage LLC

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